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Name: Stankannica VonDingleberrienbauer
Age: 15 XD WEE
Height: i don't know, but pretty damned small compared to Poopen XD
Superpowers: Telekinesis, and the ability to shoot lasers from her eyes
How she got them thar superpowers: A terrifying experiment involving Mountain Dew and preperation H left Stankannica winged and ... super-powery. She still can't get that horrible taste out of her mouth. Poor Stankannica. Anyway, afterwards she went off to fight crime and pop pimples with her new found powers. And to molest Poopen's huge eyeballs every chance she gets
Other shit: Her best friend is Hoodernoodle, and she has a pet midget penguin named Farfinugen. w00!

Art and Bio by Cassandra Freire.
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