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Name: Hoodernoodle VonJerkoffski
Age: 16, NYO. XD!
Height: Tall. o.O Like.. Eight inches taller than Stankannica. X3
Superpowers: Levitation, teleportationg, and the ability to use MAGIK!!!!1111 Like. FIRE AND WATER AND SHIT LIKE THAT!!!1111111111 That, and he can ingest bleach without dying! ^_^
How she got them thar superpowers: After masturbating with the wrong type of lotion, Hoodernoodle gained the ability to levitate and teleport. He got his magic ability when he tripped in school one day and landed a dead squirel. He ate that squirel, and gained his powers. o.O As for the belach thing, he could always do that! ^_^
Other shit: His best friend is Stankannica. XD He like to shout out "Penis! o_o" at random. He also likes to scream out "Kitty! o_o" too. His worst enemy is the robot Smarter Child, who wants the world to apologize to it. WHen the PPC, THEY WILL VANQUISH IT. XD

Art and Bio by Vincent Michael.
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