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Our Adventures!
Note: The Adventures are in chronological order. You might actually understand it if you read from the beginning.

Adventure 1: The Infernal Sausage and the Inevitable Meeting.

Adventure 2: Stankannica and Poopen VS. Celine Dion.

Adventure 2 Part 2: The Meeting of Hoodernoodle and the defeat of the evil sonic witch Celine Dion

Adventure 3: Enter the Council of Ultimate Evil!

Adventure 4: Stankannica and teh syber seks!11

Adventure 5: The Queen of Hell, and the Queen of Bad Music!

Adventure 5 Part 2: Poopen! Fly on Wings of Love!

Adventure 5 Part 3: Pretty Soldiers in Biohazard Suits

Adventure 6: Wide Load and the Flaming Homosexual Cookies

Adventure 7: CRASH! The council counterattacks?

Adventure 7 Part 2: Mega Girl Power! Lemina Saves the Day!

Adventure 8: Poopen's Ambition! A Beauty Pageant? In Amsterdamn?

Adventure 9: BY THE GODS! A new member!

Adventure 10: SEASON FINALE! Will Justice be served before naptime?